5 Reasons you should Outsource Web Content Writing

Another boring post about why you should outsource web content writing, I hear you yawn.  I will get straight to the point and only cover what you need to know.  No self promotion – just the facts!

 1.       Save Money and Time

Outsourcing  will save you time and ultimately save you money.  A freelance copywriter is adaptable and experienced in writing on a variety of subjects.  They will do a better job and take less time.

2.       Better Conversion Rates

Professionally written web content will generate more conversions.  A pro. knows how to write attention grabbing, compelling copy that speaks to your audience.  You’ll achieve more click throughs, more signups and more sales.

3.       Enhanced Company Image

A good copywriter will present your company, in a professional, credible way.  This is essential when it comes to building trust, reputation and authority online.  They will also write in a tone that best portrays your brand identity.

4.        Higher Search Rankings

An SEO copywriter knows how to write for the search engines too.  All the content you publish will be optimised, keyword rich and user friendly.  This means your website, blog posts, articles have a better chance of ranking highly in the search engines.

5.       Easier to Implement

It is much easier to use a content writing service than it is to produce all your web copy in house.  Who will do the writing, the SEO?  Who will manage the blog, update the website content?  Will I require training?  How many staff?  How much time?

Most businesses don’t have the resources to generate enough copy to feed a web marketing campaign in house.  Web copywriting is a craft – don’t waste time trying to do it yourself.  It will cost you much more in the long run.

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