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Copywriting-Words to Sell Hand-made / Craft products

When selling hand-crafted products, many artists put all their energy into the photography and imagery, forgetting that it’s the words that sell. Personal connection Potential buyers will initially be attracted aesthetically to your product. But, it’s the artist, rather than the art that they ‘buy into.’ To become customers they need to...
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9 Methods a Website Copywriter uses to Build Trust

A website copywriter knows that building trust is essential to any marketing strategy.  No transaction can be performed without trust.  In fact, without it, your business simply wouldn’t function.  In internet marketing the trust element is intrinsically vital, web users have to overcome the trepidation of dealing with a business that may...
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9 Website Copywriter’s Tips to make your Brand more Memorable

Headlines- Use attention grabbing headlines, try to appeal to the emotions of your audience – a shocking statistic or an inspirational quote.  People are more likely to remember your headlines so make them count. Use mnemonics – A mnemonic device is a memory aid, derived from the word Mnemosyne, the name of...
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