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17 Ideas to Help you Tackle that Blank Page

Every copywriter has days where nothing seems to flow.  I would say I get at least one each month…staring at a blank page, clicking the mouse button, biting my nails, breathing a deep sigh and going off to put the kettle on. Over the years, I’ve found a variety of ways to...
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Bumper Blog Post of Web Content Writing Resources

Here are some great resources, articles, e-books, white-papers and guides to web content writing  I’ve compiled a list of references, hand-picked from the web, to help you with your web copywriting and content marketing. Content Marketing Boot-camp – delivers everything you’ve ever wanted to know in one post. A great starting point for...
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Panda, Profiles, Freshness – Why a Website Copywriter May be your Best Asset in 2012

There have been a lot of changes this year in SEO, notably the Panda update focussing on the quality of website content writing. The panda filter aims to establish the quality of a web page by its content. As well as checking for spelling, grammatical errors and a whole host of other parameters it...
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