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Copywriting-Words to Sell Hand-made / Craft products

When selling hand-crafted products, many artists put all their energy into the photography and imagery, forgetting that it’s the words that sell. Personal connection Potential buyers will initially be attracted aesthetically to your product. But, it’s the artist, rather than the art that they ‘buy into.’ To become customers they need to...
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Use my Website Copywriting Service Because I Said So!

Psychologist Robert Cialdini proved that certain words trigger neurological responses that make us comply.  ‘Because’ is one of them – scientifically proven to give your website copywriting more clout. The use of the word ‘because’ increases the likelihood of receiving an acceptance response.  Harvard’s Xerox study demonstrates what is referred to as...
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Copywriting Wordlist to Sell your Service

Selling a service on a website is very different to marketing a physical product.  The main challenge is to make the intangible tangible.  To do this you’ll need to be specific. Start by clearly defining each service you offer and differentiate them from each other.  Give every package a name and make...
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