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Government’s Guide to Web Content Writing

While browsing the web yesterday, I came across a U.S. Government usability resource which contains 11 useful pointers for web content writers.  Each content rule is based on scientific research.  The theories are rated on a scale of 1-5 by importance, and the weight of evidence behind the idea. The document is...
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3 Academic Writing Rules that a Website Copywriter Ignores

Lesson 1 Structure It’s probably been ingrained in your mind from an early age that you should never start a sentence with a conjunction. Beginning a sentence with and or but is a strict no-no, isn’t it? Not necessarily. Language has changed dramatically over the last decade – it’s far more acceptable these days to...
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Writing for the Web – Learning from Jakob Nielsen

Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen’s studies offer valuable insight into the nature of successful writing for the web.  Here I’ll summarise areas of Dr Nielsens research most relevant to website copywriting and examine what we can learn from it. “Words are usually the main money-makers on a website.” – Nielsen Scanning Web content writers...
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