One Simple Rule for more Persuasive Web Copywriting

persuasive-website-copywriting-clippingsThe distinction between features and benefits is an important concept in marketing.  People don’t care about what a product can do; they care about what it can do for them.

Alarm clock
Feature: Wake-up lights (wakes you with a gradually brightening light)
Benefit: Be gently awoken, rather than startled by an irritating noise

A simple way to be a more persuasive in your web copywriting is to go beyond the benefits. To do this you must ask yourself what the benefits of the benefit are. For example, being gently awoken by light, as nature intended will;

  • Give you the best possible start to the day
  • Boost your morning mood
  • Make you feel refreshed and energised
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Enable you to be more productive at work
  • Improve your family life

All this from a simple alarm clock feature! Here are some more examples:

CV writing service
Feature: A CV that demonstrates your achievements
Benefit: Get more job interviews
Beyond: You can be more successful, earn more money and have the career you’ve always wanted.

Time management software
Feature: Check off tasks as you do them
Benefit: For efficient organisation of projects
Beyond: Get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction every day by ticking off what you’ve achieved.

Anti-aging cream
Feature: Contains peptides to allow natural production of collagen and elastin
Benefit: Achieve younger looking skin
Beyond: Look more youthful and fresh, hide your real age, be more attractive and desirable, be admired, and get what you want.

There is a limit to how far you can go without sounding a little unhinged. Buying a model rocket will not help you become an astronaut. But, it will give you a fascinating insight into the world of rocket science. Giving you a rewarding new hobby, where you can enjoy a real sense of achievement, and become more fulfilled.

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