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Blogs have evolBlog writing service - insert exciting entryved into a vital tool for businesses. Unfortunately so many are started but doomed to failure due to neglect. Webmasters and business owners simply don’t realise the commitment managing a successful one entails. It only works when you make regular posts and it isn’t always easy to find something interesting to say.

– Is your company blog fading fast?
– Is it impossible to find the time to post?
– Do you suffer from bloggers block?

Bring it back to life
A little more of your budget spent on a blog writing service will generate a better ROI.  I can craft compelling posts on a regular basis, on your behalf.  I can help build your audience and keep them wanting more, so you can start to reap the rewards of social media marketing.
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Weblogs are like people…they’re completely unique – so, my services are personalised to suit your needs.  Here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • Length of posts:  normally between 100 and 500 words
  • Frequency of posts:  how often?
  • Theme:  what do you want to achieve?
  • Company voice:  how would you like your company to be represented?
  • Keywords:  for great cornerstone copy

Remind me again…what are the benefits?
Here’s a quick reminder of the reasons you probably started your company blog in the first place. Or, for those who still don’t have one, why it’s a must:

It’s a proven strategy
42% of Consumers read blogs for purchase information.
57% of Companies report that they get customers directly from it.
92% of Marketers agree content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.

Easy to set-up
Maintaining it may be a pain but the initial setup is easy, with a very low outlay.

Gives your brand a personality
A human voice is proven to increase conversion rates and retention.

Relationship marketing
You can enjoy regular contact with subscribers and build lasting customer relationships.

Search engines love them
If it’s popular and well-used it will rank highly.  Entries can be used to drive targeted traffic and you can get highly relevant backlinks to your main website.

 “Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven or cool refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day, are best when they’re fresh. Even if you don’t specify it in your search, you probably want search results that are relevant and recent.” Google Webmaster Central

Increased interaction
Readers will be more likely to interact with your site – comment, leave feedback, subscribe.

Social sharing
Your audience will share great entries with their friends.  Posts also give you something to shout about on Facebook and Twitter.

Make a start – get your quote
Enquire about my bespoke blog writing service and get help with planning, maintenance and management.

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