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The case for content
Content marketing is widely accepted to be the best way to gain traffic to your website naturally and build online credibility.

  • 61% of web users are more likely to buy from a company offering custom content.
  • 42% of consumers read blogs for purchase information.
  • 23% of social media posts include links to online articles.
  • 92% of marketers agree it’s the most effective SEO tactic.

Why content writing services?
Unfortunately, businesses have an awful lot of trouble trying to develop and implement strategies. Last year 62% of UK companies turned to outsourcers for help. The 2 main problems are:

1. They can’t produce enough.
Many companies simply don’t have the resources to generate the amount required to make an impact.

2. It’s not good enough.
Nor do they have the resources to create the kind of digital copy that actually makes a difference.

How I can help
I offer bespoke content writing services, providing personalised packages designed to take your business to the next level. You can get all the copy you need to feed your online campaigns. Distribute it yourself in-house, or forward the package to your SEO or marketing agency. Here’s an example of a monthly small business plan:

  • 4 Articlescontent writing services
  • 2 News Releases
  • 1 E-Newsletter
  • 20 Daily Updates
  • 12 Blog Posts

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A two-way thing
I encourage frequent writer/business communications. This is particularly relevant for social media posts and newsletters – it’s critical to be current and in tune with what’s happening in your business and industry. You get a dedicated email address to submit editorial calendars, special offers, company news and ideas.

Maximising your investment
Getting the most out of each and every blog post, article or e-book is the key to making it pay for small businesses.  My approach is that companies should maximise their investment by using multiple platforms for promotion and recycling copy so it can be used elsewhere.

Turning copy into customers
Well written, interesting offerings that engage the reader will work wonders for your online business. My content writing service can be used in a multitude of ways to boost your visibility and enhance your brand:

Make your site an info hubcontent writing services image
Develop a knowledge base on your website. Collate articles, reviews, news and user-guides. People will spend more time browsing, be more likely to refer back, and share their discovery with friends. You’ll pick up customers at all stages in the buying process. Be it initially, when they just want information. Or afterwards when they may need accessories, add-ons or further advice.

Post informative articles on your blog
Blogs can be powerful business tools. Impress your readers with useful, entertaining writing and keep them coming back for more. Grab a guest spot; tell a different audience your story and see your traffic multiply.

Use creatively in email campaigns
Initially, you can use free eBooks or white papers to entice users to sign-up to your mail list. Then successfully build relationships by offering something of value to your subscribers in every issue.

Use as fuel for SEO
Firstly, your site will rank better in the search engines if it is regularly updated with relevant, unique web copy. Secondly, it can be used as part of your promotional SEO strategy. Posting on authority websites is a great way to publicise your brand. You can build credibility and enhance your Google authorship profile by continually delivering timely, useful, informative materials.

Repurpose for more clout
You can turn article ideas into slideshows or videos. Use a collection of editorial material or blog posts to create a how-to ebook or white paper. This gives you multiple channels and platforms to promote your copy for maximum reach.

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