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Editing and proofing for online success

Business writing is a reflection of the authority and creditability of your organisation. Don’t let the key points of your message be clouded by grammatical errors, typos or poor sentence structure. My proofreading and copy editing services can transform your website and increase its effectiveness.

Writing or editing?
Copyediting includes correcting; spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure, consistency, presentation terminology and semantics. The primary aim is to ensure that your copy complements and adheres to your company’s style.

You’ll need a copy editing service, rather than a web copywriting service if:

  • You have the ideas but the words need fine-tuning.
  • You are happy with your copy but feel a professional could give it more clout. Be it with compelling headers, descriptive language or persuasive call to actions.
  • You want to make your content web-user friendly – concise, comprehensible and easy to scan.
  • You want to ensure it is consistent – style, tone, tense, perspective.

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Edit or Proof?
Proofreading is the final stage of the process. A proofreader will ensure that your copy is technically correct, whereas a copy editor will give a deep and detailed consideration.  My proofreading service includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, formatting, hyperlinks and facts.

Enquire about proofing if you want:

  • to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors from your website.
  • to ensure consistency in accordance with your company’s style-guide.
  • a final check for typos and punctuation errors.

Perfecting your web copy
Web-Content-Writer offers a specialist service to perfect your website copy. More than just an academic eye, I have an in-depth understanding of writing for the web. More than just spelling and grammar, I can optimise your digital content for online success.

Web usability
I can make your content friendly for a digital audience. This means a format that is easy to scan and digest; short sentences and paragraphs, sub-headers, bulleted lists.

Search engine optimisation
I can edit your copy to make it search engine friendly. This includes strategic keyword placement and semantically related word placement (LSI algorithm).
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Internal linking
Internal links are important for user-friendly navigation and to follow the best SEO practices. I’ll check, format, add and edit hypertext links so your site performs optimally.

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