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Your Best Asset

The number one asset aemail copywritern internet business has is its email list. Yours, however small, is made up of individuals who all have an interest in your product or service.

Subscribers are the easiest to convert…you’ve already done all the hard work. They have found you and may have already bought from you. It’s just a case of nudging them in the right direction…that’s where an email copywriter comes in.

98% of people do not buy on first visit
Initially consumers search for information, then need time to think about a purchase decision. A company must interact at least 7 times with a prospect before they turn into a customer. If you can get a web visitor to subscribe to your email service, your company name, products and services will be in the frame when they do decide to buy.

Unlock the potential of your list
It is commonly said that email marketing has the best ROI of any medium. This is only the case when strategically written copy is used. The most important element is not the flash new template design, it’s the words.

I can help you turn more subscribers into paying customers. They’ll enjoy timely, interesting news delivered to their inbox.  Whilst your products or services are subtly sold in every issue.

Do you store email addresses from past, current and potential clients, but don’t know what to do with them?
Business email requirements vary and there are many different formats depending on what your goals are. Perhaps you want something fun and engaging, to get people to interact with your through social media.  Do you prefer traditional style periodicals that detail company news and achievements?  My service is completely flexible.
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Have you tried email marketing but results were poor?
It takes a significant commitment to do it right. Many companies have a good system but it becomes increasingly difficult and time consuming. The fact is good email copywriting is extremely difficult to get right. If you’ve attempted to write your own copy in-house, you may wonder…do I sound too pushy, formal, intrusive, unnatural?

For a newsletter to be an effective marketing tool it must be:

1. Engaging
It’s critical to immediately capture the reader’s attention; to stand out and be opened. A good writer knows it’s all about achieving the right balance between promotional and editorial copy.  If you are an e-commerce site selling electrical goods, your main news will be special offers and promotions on certain lines. Ads then should be highly relevant to the editorial topics that are included.  Whether it’s fishing bait secrets or financial planning advice, the trick is to know your audience and what will make them take time out of their busy lives to read.

2. Reliable
Newsletters are primarily relationship marketing tools. They are about building relationships, like little reminders to always keep your name in the frame.  It’s that regular contact with your customer that puts you at the forefront of their mind when they’re considering their next purchase.

3. Consistent
The next challenge is to consistently come up with creative ideas to keep your subscribers from becoming bored and clicking the opt-out button.   For it to work, you need to offer true value to your readers.  They signed up to receive a newsletter and you must deliver what was promised, not bombard them with sales messages.
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