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man touching robot hand-demonstrating balance in seo copywritingSearch Engine Success
Creating copy that your website visitors want to read is only half the battle – making sure they can find it via the search engines is the other.

Writing for man and machine
Work as an SEO copywriter is highly specialised. This is because your carefully crafted copy must also convey a message to the search engines.

Your human reader must be your first priority. But unless you speak to the robot, you’re unlikely to receive any organic traffic. This means keyword and LSI insertion in the headlines and body text in the optimum position and frequency. At this point quality is likely to be compromised.

Effortless SEO copywriting
When you engage my services, you are employing not only a talented website copywriter but a search engine optimisation professional. Your copy will be written in a way that satisfies both the reader and the robot. It will flow effortlessly, whilst appearing highly relevant to search spiders.
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The best SEO is great content
Seth Godin couldn’t have said it better. It is a fact that quality writing is a main factor in search engine positioning. Web copy which is user friendly, relevant and unique wins out. Sites that adopt these guidelines enjoy better search engine rankings. It’s as simple as that!

The importance of unique text cannot be stressed enough. A common problem with low ranking ecommerce sites is that they simply copy/paste from their suppliers’ site or plagiarise. This is understandable, some sites sell 1000s of products but if you want to rank well on Google – the rules must be obeyed. If this applies to you, I offer generous discounts for bulk purchases.

seo copywriter techniquesPost Panda
The panda filter establishes the quality of a web page by what’s written on it. It checks for spelling/grammatical errors, along with a whole host of other parameters. If yours isn’t up to scratch, it could be preventing you from achieving higher search positions.

Easy does it…
Since the Penguin update, an SEO copywriter must take a very delicate approach. Designed to target over-optimisation and keyword stuffing, this black and white bomb penalises sites that have over-done it. Therefore, getting the balance right is crucial.

“The recent Panda change tackles the difficult task of algorithmically assessing website quality. Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find “high-quality” sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content.” – Google Webmaster Central

Click through rates
A common marketing mistake is failing to recognise the importance of the meta title and description. These 160+ characters are the first thing a search engine user sees on the results page. You have just 3 seconds to entice the reader to click onto your site. This means powerful, leap-off-the-page writing to ensure you stand out from the competition and get the click.

Consider you rank in position 3 or 4 – you actually have the potential to achieve more clicks than those with an inferior title and description in positions 1 or 2. It’s much easier to change your metas than it is to climb those 2 or 3 positions.

Search writing services
It is highly advisable not to commission a copywriter until you have consulted an search engine optimisation expert. Of course, with me, you get both.

Before developing your body text, you’ll need the basics in place.  You need to be confident you’re targeting keywords with search volume and consider how they will be implemented on your site.  How many pages, what pages, which terms?

If you’re a start-up, or a new website – I can see your project through from start to finish:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Copywriting
  • E-Commerce writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Meta data writing
  • Full Implementation

If you have already considered key-terms and know what targeted pages you need – you’re ready for the writing stage. To get started, I’ll need a list of page URLs with the corresponding phrases you would like to target.

You may have employed a web designer who carried out this research before building your site. Or, perhaps you’re already working with a marketing firm but would prefer a professional SEO copywriter to write your text. If this is the case I can consult with other agencies at every stage.
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