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Bite-sized content writing

Researching and writing status updates and tweets that are current, useful, entertaining and keyword rich will eat into your working morning. Use my social media content service.  Get 50 words or 140 characters of fresh, interesting, relevant, up to the minute content for your audience to enjoy every day.

Choose a theme, or a combination of the following:daily social media content

  • News
  • Hints and tips
  • Advice and information
  • Facts and statistics
  • Humour
  • Inspiration
  • Quotes
  • Useful links

As well as providing social media content for Facebook and Twitter, you can use my service to update your own website more regularly.

Snippets for your site
A daily snippet is exactly what the title implies, a daily bite sized post on your site. Sometimes known as news-clips or micro-posts, each consists of 50-100 words of easy-to-consume copy.  You can position them on your home page (in the side-bar or footer), or post them on your company blog.

Search engines love frequent updates
Search spiders like nothing more than relevant, unique content posted to a website on a daily basis. News sites, for example tend to receive high Google positioning because they update their pages several times a day.

Your site could enjoy more frequent crawling and a better position within the search engines. As your posts are unique, topical and highly relevant they are indexed faster and can often outrank top performing websites for a specific key term.

Visitors love titbits of information
Updating your website every day projects a strong company image. It adds to your credibility by showing you’re a company who takes their website seriously.

Offering something new and unique every day means you’re providing real value to your audience. Regular visitors will appreciate the fact that you are providing something fresh for them to enjoy. Because it’s super-short, it’s more likely to be consumed and easier to digest.
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