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Coffee Bean - Smell the copy - copywritingMaking the decision to invest in a website copywriter is a smart one. Great copywriting is like having your best company representative or top sales person, working online for free, 24/7.

Many businesses don’t see the expected results from their websites because they focus on the wrong thing. Gaining traffic and boosting rankings may be your top priority. But what about the people that leave your site because it isn’t up to scratch? It’s like spending all your money on a store in a prime location but then finding you can’t afford to employ any sales staff.

Others put all their efforts into flashy graphic design and neglect the words. That’s like having fancy premises and plush window displays, then placing a cardboard cut-out behind the counter to serve your customers.

Does any of this sound familiar?
It’s time to work on your conversion rates. You can start now by employing a clever website copywriter. My service includes:

  • Analysis of your target market
  • Researching your company and product
  • Developing a brand voice
  • Composing first draft for review
  • Editing and adjusting
  • Creation of final copy

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Finding your voice
Part of my service is to help you find your business voice. Through the right style and tone, your web copy can enhance your brand identity. What brand characteristics do you want to portray?

Honesty, experience, forward-thinking, luxurious, innovative, fun.

Your answer to this question will affect the language and mood of your site. A solicitors might adopt a formal style with a sympathetic tone. A fashion retailer may choose a more colloquial style with a sassy edge.
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The cyber personalityweb copywriting eye tracking
Digital copy is different to what’s normally produced for a flyer or letter. There are other principles to take into account. Usability studies give valuable insights into the way browsers read web pages.  Online readers:

  • skim, rather than reading every word
  • jump from page to page
  • don’t like deep scrolling
  • can land on a page from different places

As an experienced website copywriter, I know how to implement these principles. I can write clear, concise copy that’s broken up into short, sharp paragraphs. While using language that’s easy to understand and free from jargon.

23 seconds to go…
Today’s internet user expects everything to be instant. If they don’t see what they want, they’ll move on, fast. According to a study by Google, you have an average of 23 secs before they click the back button.  Headlines must leap off the page and grab their attention. People need to know WIIFT (what’s in it for them). And they need to know it 5 seconds ago.

I can write powerful headers and sub-headers to entice your online audience and keep their interest. My web writing is structured strategically to tell them exactly what they want to hear, when they want to hear it.

Words that work!
Direct marketers have proven time and time again over the past hundred years or so… it is the words that sell.

I have studied the principles of scientific advertising – proven techniques that will increase your conversion rates. I can create powerful sales copy to appeal to your audience’s emotions, sell your product and close the deal.

1. Active vs. passive voicewebsite copywriter techniques
The active-voice makes copy more direct and concise, with dynamic verbs to get your message across.  See how the latter is stronger and sharper.

Passive: Proven copywriting formulas will be used by Heather.
Active: Heather uses proven copywriting formulas.

2. Perspective
Writing in second person means you’ll directly address your readers. Implementing this change can have extremely powerful effects.

Second: “when you signup you’ll get access to lots of useful tools.”
Third: “Lots of useful tools are available to those who sign up.”

3. Adjectives
Studies have shown that website copywriters shouldn’t use too many adjectives – they’re a turn off. Avoiding hyped up language such as fantastic, magnificent, amazing works better. Why? Because it sounds less like you are trying to sell something.

Search engine success
Creative content that will entice your audience is only half the story…making sure it can be found via the search engines is the other.
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