Web Copywriting News – Google CEO Eric Schmidt Steps Down

It was announced yesterday that Eric Schmidt will step down as Google CEO.

He will assume the role of Executive Chairman, focusing externally on deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership–all of which are increasingly important given Google’s global reach. Internally, he will continue to act as an advisor to Larry and Sergey.

Schmidt joined Google’s board of directors as chairman in March 2001 and became the company’s CEO in August 2001. At Google, Schmidt shares responsibility for Google’s daily operations with founders Page and Brin.

“When I joined Google in 2001 I never imagined—even in my wildest dreams—that we would get as far, as fast as we have today. Search has quite literally changed people’s lives—increasing the collective sum of the world’s knowledge and revolutionizing advertising in the process.”  See the full statement at the Official Google Blog.

Schmidt has given us staggering insights into the world of Google, the power of search and what the future holds.  A philospher and a scientist, Schimdt has been described as pure genius.  Thoughout his time as CEO, Schmidt has sparked controversy and incited critics.  Here are some of the highlights:

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” – Schmidt on the Internet

“We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.” – Big Brother is watching

If somebody takes the time to write something, having Google understand that is very important to that person.” – Writing for the Web

“When the Internet publicity began, I remember being struck by how much the world was not the way we thought it was, that there was infinite variation in how people viewed the world.” – What he’s learnt

“The internet is fast becoming a cesspool where false information thrives. Brands are the solution, not the problem.  Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.”  – Content Can’t be Trusted

“Brand affinity is clearly hard wired, it is so fundamental to human existence that it’s not going away. It must have a genetic component.” – Brand Preference

“More and more searches are done on your behalf without you needing to type. I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions.  They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next. … Serendipity—can be calculated now.  We can actually produce it electronically.” – More Owellian Undertones

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