Revealed – 2 Most Powerful Web Words

There are two little words that can have a dramatic impact when inserted into your website copy.  This article discusses the power of the words you and free to make your website copywriting work.

The most important rule is to write for your audience.  Who are your readers?  What do they want to read about?   What will appeal to them?  The language you use must reflect this too.  You need to speak directly to your audience as if you were sat right in front of them.

The use of the word you throughout your copy means the focus is about them-your customer.  Using business/company orientated copy is a common mistake.  No-one cares whether you’re the largest, most established, most innovative company in your field.  However, they do care about what you can do for them.

“This lawn mower has a powerful, high spec motor.” – Ok, so what?

“The lawn mower’s powerful motor means you’ll  be able to mow your lawn in a fraction of the time.” – That means I have more time to do what I want at the weekend, where do I find out more?

This one doesn’t need much explanation.  The power of the word free has been proven time and time again.

A very interesting demonstration of the magnetism of free can be found in a promotion by Amazon.  They launched a special offer; free delivery when you make a second purchase and enjoyed huge leaps in sales in every country apart from France.  The Amazon marketing team investigated, thinking perhaps the French were rational enough not to be swayed into buying a second book.  However, they found that the program had been slightly altered. Instead of free delivery, the offer in France charged a mere twenty cents.  From a monetary perspective, the two promotions are almost indistinguishable.  But the 20 cents offer did not perform.  France then adopted the free delivery offer and saw the same sales leap.

We are programmed to seek value for money; no-one can resist a freebie.  As the Amazon example suggests, free seems to speak to us on a subconscious level.  Use it where you can in your website copywriting and unleash its magic.

If you don’t currently offer any freebies you’re missing out.  Here are some suggestions:

Trial, subscription, E-Book, brochure, download, delivery, video, training course, consultation, advice, gift, sample.

If you already offer something then be sure to tell your web users all about it.  Sounds simple but it’s surprising how many sites for example bury their delivery offers on FAQ or terms pages.  Use the power of free throughout your website copywriting to entice your customers.

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