Words that Sell

copywriting wordlistTo create something, you need materials and tools.  As a copywriter, your materials are words.  These are carefully crafted together with the help of tools…thesaurus, grammar-checker.

Words have to work hard on a website; they must promote trust, authority and brand identity.  Above all, they need to persuade and influence visitors.  Finding the right ones is not always easy.

To kick off 2013, we’re launching a new blog series: Words that Sell.  You’ll receive copywriting wordlists to help you sell your products and services.

First up is a complete list of words and phrases to help you sell luxury products like jewellery and designer handbags.  Look out for it next week…

We hope you can use each wordlist to inject some energy and clout into your copywriting.  You’ll never be lost for words again.

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